Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running: The Newbie Runner

2010 came out with a blast as 2009 was a disappointment. This will be my first, and certainly not my last post, on a new interest I have undertaken. Running. 

I have just come to realize not only for the health benefits but the similarities of F1 racing and running-- its heart and passion that drives one that is similar be it a V8 2.4-liter Mercedes or a 4-chambered piece of soft cardiac tissue.

Every year there is a new resolution to break but I feel this year is going to be different. I feel it's going to bring luck to a recipient of a Tiger year, no matter what the soothsayer says. Tigers won't be lucky on a Tiger year. (But wearing a red underwear will surely bring fortune-- Chinese expert. I'm thinking...)

I started the year running. Huffing and panting, I must have been an embarrassment to look at on my first day. The sun was out and the need for speed got the better of me.

But out on the track, the hard pavement and my seeming inability to run a few meters without gasping like an asthmatic jolted me to reality. I must persevere or so I said.

I did it twice a week, never mind the wet socks and blisters and I gradually did it thrice a week running 3 and 4ks. The persistence was inspired by a childhood friend of mine, who I last saw more than 25 years ago, running his first marathon on the highly successful Sinulog Run last 01-10-10 in Cebu. (We still haven't seen each other yet due to our busy and conflicting schedules but we have each other's numbers.)

I am setting my own course for December this year to run a half marathon at an acceptable time-- 21k in 2 hours I gather.

6 weeks into running since January, together with a newbie runner friend of mine, we bravely registered and joined the 5k Fun Run organized by the Cebu Dental Society last February 14.

We clocked at 41:06, an acceptable time perhaps for newbie runners like us. We ran 5-7 minutes and walked 1 minute. We would have wanted to finish in 35 but the ascent to JY Square was a killer. The time, however, was an improvement of the 43:36 I clocked in one of my practices here.

Now I am setting my sights earlier than December on a 21k ambitious half marathon come April 18-- The Great Lapu-Lapu Run. To accomplish a 2-hour finish more or less, I need to train a total of 12 weeks running a combination of 8, 10, 12 and 15k weekends. Wow! The sheer running mileage is intimidating.

I'm not worried though. If I won't be able to maximize my training until then, there is the 10k I will backtrack to which I plan to run in less than an hour... hopefully.

I don't have the luxury of 12 weeks but I have 10 until April 18 and day 1 begins tomorrow. Hope the sun comes out.