Monday, August 2, 2010

Formula 1: Red Bull's front wings

Award winning Formula 1 photographer Darren Heath couldn't have captured it any better. Red Bull's RB6 so-called 'flexi-wings' has been the subject of much speculation in recent times owing to greater downforce (hence, more stable ride, greater speed) it creates during cornering.

Mark Webber's win in the Hungaroring is proof of that. Not even with McLaren's innovative F-duct or Ferrari's blown exhaust diffuser could match the almighty Red Bulls which was easily 1.2 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso's F10 during Qualifying and almost 2 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton's MP4-25. If not for Sebastian Vettel's untimely 10-second penalty, yesterday's race could easily have been a blue Red Bull 1-2 but instead split by a red Ferrari.

FIA regulation stipulates only a 10 mm amount of deflection or front wing endplate movement when in motion. See the pictures and you be the judge.

Red Bull RB6
Ferrari F10
McLaren MP4-25
Red Bull: Gives you (cheating?) wings.