Saturday, November 6, 2010

Running: My Poison

3 long weeks of not being able to run long distances finally came to a halt today as, together with a group of friends, we ran our long slow distance (LSD) from the D.O. Plaza Memorial Hospital in Patin-ay, Prosperidad to the foothills of Mt. Diwata in Lapag, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, where currently the Boy Scouts of the Philippines annual Provincial Jamboree was taking place.

Developed by the the iconic Agusan leader D.O. Plaza, Lapag boasts of a pool supplied by a natural source of spring water, its average water temperature roughly around 10-15 degrees Celsius! But reaching there, we had to traverse 2 km of rough terrain, not to mention unending uphills that had us runners panting and wheezing like an asthmatic on exacerbation. 10.1 km.

And another 10 going down. I had to forgo using my VFF Bikila this time to give my Achilles tendons a break but instead I wore my rusty old NB marshmallow shoes. My ITB (Iliotibial Band) flared up at this point while we were heading downhill but the pain was manageable. The slow pace made me experiment a couple of strides that was most convenient to this aging knees.

Like my friends in dailymile who are doing their own LSDs tomorrow, I sleep tonight with a smile on my face knowing that I have found my "poison" once again.

Total distance today: 20.29 km (16 km flat, 4 km trail)
Time: 2:39
Effort: Easy as pie!

See you on the road, runners!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Citigym Halloween Half Marathon: VFF and DNF

My wife was right after all. She told me the night before, "I think you're not going to finish your race in those shoes." Yes and No. I did not finish but it was not the shoes.

It started about 3 weeks ago while running a long one with my friend Gifford and a bunch of YYK runners preparing for the upcoming full marathon in January 2011, I hobbled in pain running and walking like Frankenstein as my right knee buckled up in km 10. Foregoing the planned 28k run to Danao, I cut my run short to 15k and took a cab home. I couldn't move my knee, much less squat in them. Walking downhill seemed to aggravate it.

Research later revealed I have suffered ITBS or Iliotibial Band Syndrome (Runner's World article). The causes are varied ranging from running in cambered roads, increased pace or mileage, incorrect shoes, shoes with worn out soles, etc. Unlike shin splints, ITBS virtually makes you stop running, the kind that makes DNFs.