Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Sunday, where will you be?

Running icon
Where will you be tomorrow?

Just another day in other parts of the world, except if you're a runner training for a marathon in a few weeks time, a Manny Pacquiao fan, or an F1 nut.

I am all three so it'll be kinda hectic when the clock strikes 12.

First order of business: An LSD. I don't know what I'll actually be able to accomplish tomorrow what with my recent spat of a running-related injury, ITBS, the most serious and debilitating to date, but January 9th, 2011 couldn't come fast enough. I'm way behind training for my first full mary and I have pacer duties for the Milo 21k next week in Butuan. Hopefully no more DNFs next week. 

At the Cotto fight weigh-in ( Today,
Manny reportedly weigh in at 146, 2 lbs off
his intended weight.
Manny Pacquiao comes in starting at 8am. Gunning for his unprecedented 8th world title at the Super Welterweight division (154 lbs), the young pugilist will be squaring off with his biggest opponent to date, Antonio "Tornado" Margarito.

Traffic will come to a standstill and church pews will be empty as the Philippines will once again unite as one rooting for the greatest Filipino athlete of all time. 

I expect Manny to dance around the sluggish Margarito, evident in his last fight against unknown Garcia last May. Manny's speed will baffle the Mexican, his "zombie-like" footwork, as described by Trainer of the Year awardee Freddie Roach, will ultimately fail him. Manny in 8 or 9. And no I won't be going anywhere else but at home. Family day.

Finally at 8pm, the final round of the 2010 FIA Formula 1 World Championship in the spanking Yas Marina Circuit of glitzy Abu Dhabi in the backdrop of a Ferrari theme park.

Alonso at the Yas Marina
4 contenders vie for the coveted Driver's Title.

Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari. The twice world champion, in his Ferrari debut, is leading the points tally. Considered by F1 writers and fellow drivers as currently the most talented driver to date, will the Spaniard bring home his third trophy or will his 8th Ferrari engine ultimately fail him in his quest?

Mark Webber, Red Bull Renault. In the twilight of his career in the quickest car of this generation, the Australian hopes to bring home the bacon for one final push come Sunday. Second Australian champion coming up?

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Renault. The Qualifying hero but often a race day zero. Young and hungry, but inconsistent, the German will become the youngest Driver's Champion at 23 should things go his way but will he crack under pressure?

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren Mercedes. Already a champion of 2008, the young Brit is at the bottom of the standings 24 points adrift of points leader and former teammate, Alonso. He promises to be flat out and flying and already Practice 2 shows his MP has the pace. Now if only the 3 points leader would fall out of the top 5 as Lewis wins.

To sum it up: Formula 1, Running, and Manny Pacquiao. Indeed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Driver's Title: Simmering hot, down the wire

The most advanced car of this generation, the RB6.
After 6 seasons, Woking-based Red Bull Racing has captured the Formula 1 Constructor's Title from bigger manufacturers Ferrari and McLaren.

The Adrian Newey-designed RB6 is considered by many to be the quickest Formula 1 spec car to date.

But the Driver's title remain elusive. Although the Brazilian chequered flag went down on German Sebastian Vettel followed by teammate Mark Webber, Ferrari's Spanish driver and twice World Champion Fernando Alonso coming on third was a reality check.

Will Alonso be doing this in Abu Dhabi?
Still leading the championship race 8 points from Webber and 15 from Vettel, Alonso only needs to finish second to clinch his third Driver's Title or repeats his Brazilian GP performance of coming in third behind Vettel and Webber and still the title will be his.

Would Vettel give way to Webber to block an Alonso win? Don't think so. If I were Vettel, I would rather lose the title to Alonso than to teammate Webber. End of story.