Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cebu City Marathon: Race Pack!

3 days 'til the big 4-2. I got my race pack yesterday. Wohoo! The New Balance shirt giveaway is a snug fit, more like a muscle fit, but is actually quite comfortable to wear. The white color is meant to reflect the harsh glare of the sun and the design is color-coded to the Sinulog happening a week from Sunday. The timing chip is embedded in the race bib-- a very thoughtful innovation since we now see a lot of barefoot runners or runners in minimalist shoes/sandals who would have trouble attaching a racing chip onto a proper shoe.

This being a t-shirt instead of a singlet means it can be worn while making "suroy-suroy ug laag-laag sa Ayala" on other days and the high grade dri-fit tee means it can be worn during the Sinulog mardigras without worrying about a ton of perspiration.

But the icing on the race pack is the free ticket pass to the carbo loading party happening on Friday, thanks to the quick mindedness and early bird registration of my good friend Gifford.

See you, Friday!


  1. I haven't pic up my race pack yet! But i have to say..."I LIKE!".

  2. Hi Ling. At first I was apprehensive that I ordered the wrong size but by US standards it is quite larger than expected. Hope yours will fit just right. See you Sunday!