Tuesday, August 2, 2011


You see us around Ayala's Cebu Business Park. We run Monday nights on recovery to the beeping of a metronome's 180 beat. 

We are a motley group of runners, strangers in fact, yet we share the same passion. Pre runs at Terra Plana we talk about running most of the time admiring great athletes like Anton, Jason, and a little Mexican named Arnulfo. We discuss running terminologies like heel drop, footstrike, pronation and supination with the enthusiasm of a school boy yet mid run we talk about something else-- our families, our work... and the latest in showbiz. 

Post run we talk about running once again.

I didn't personally know anybody then when I decided to check this group out yet I was met with enthusiasm by fellows who extended their arms in handshake... and looked at your feet.

Seemed odd then but when you run with this group, we make our feet our most prized possession. That's why we run in them.


Well, not actually barefoot but the closest thing to being barefoot-- minimalism.

We are the Cebuano Barefoot Runners. 

We run in Evos, Vibram Five Fingers, Merrells, other minimalist shoes and even barefoot. 

But the majority run in huaraches, Cebuano-crafted by a master himself named Jacob.

All week I run in VFFs yet on Monday nights I make it a point to run tarahumara style, the greatest ultra distance runners on Earth.

Along the way I have made new friends. That is why I will miss running with this group.

5th Page Barefoot Run, my first with CBR, 14 Mar 2011.

6th Page Barefoot Run, 21 Mar 2011.

7th Page Barefoot Run, 28 Mar 2011.

14th Page Barefoot Run, cancelled on account of bad weather, 6 June 2011.

...and me in my maiden marathon, barefoot.  9 Jan 2011.
Keep on running, barefoot[ER]s! 

(CBR photos from the group's Facebook page admin and barefoot runner, Anthony.)

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