Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Valentine's Treat

Ask any race organizer and he will most likely agree with me. While a runner’s day starts a few hours prior to a race, a race organizer’s starts on the day he said yes. 

How long does it take to get a race organized? The difference between this race and my first (hospital activity) and second (school activity) race directing duties was on the level of participation. This was an open run on a provincial scale.

My day started about 2 weeks prior when my proposal last year for a quarterly run was approved by the Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur.

Dubbed Valentine’s 8k and 5k Fun Run, my proposed race was unique in itself. Agusan del Sur divided into 2 Congressional districts since the latest elections will have 2 starting points but one finish line, the Governor’s residence.

This race will also usher in the 80th birthday celebration of the province's matriarch considered "Ang Inahan sa Agusan del Sur", former Governor Valentina Galido Plaza.

District 1 will have a hilly 8k from Prosperidad Municipal Hall with the gun being fired by none other than former Governor now Congresswoman Tina Plaza. Running the 8 on this one with its unforgiving elevations will feel like 10.  

Newly formed District 2 will have a flat 5k from neighboring San Francisco town, its gun start fired by Congresswoman Bebs Mellana. 

All runners will converge at Governor Eddie Bong Plaza’s residence in Patin-ay where Certificates and snacks await the finishers, as well as, prizes for the Top 3 finishers.

With the support of the Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur, anchored by the Regional Trial Court Branch 6, Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Agusan del Sur Chapter and the D.O.  Plaza Memorial Hospital Medics, the race started amidst foggy and cloudy conditions, perfect climate for runners.

And with over 300 registrants for the 5k division and more than 50 runners for the 8k, the race saw running enthusiasts as young as 10 to as old as 67, this despite the lack of full information dissemination through radio, print and broadcast media as the organizers were keeping the numbers down for safety reasons.

Special thanks to the following:

   -Former Governor Valentina Galido Plaza
   -Office of the Provincial Governor, Hon. Adolph Edward G. Plaza
   -Office of the Provincial Administrator
   -Office of the Provincial Sports Coordinator
   -Regional Trial Court Branch 6
   -IBP Agusan del Sur
   -Philippine National Police and Highway Patrol Group
   -Search and Rescue Agusan del Sur (SARAS)
   -Medical First Responders (MFR) 
   -Patin-ay National High School
   -Office of the Vice Mayor Frederick Mark Mellana, Prosperidad
   -Office of the Mayor of San Francisco
   -Office of House Representative Hon. Valentina "Tina" G. Plaza
   -Office of House Respresentative Hon. Evelyn "Bebs" Mellana
   -Edward P. Mellana

  -and the D.O. Plaza Memorial Hospital Medics composed of our tireless doctors (Lor, Marge, Erryll, Elmore, Susan, Mama Bau, Viern, Richard, Rhadz, Alain and the rest) and nurses (Kat, Alvin, Ed, Luchie, Bepven, Daryl and the rest) for making this event a success.

Mandated by the Governor himself who is an active outdoorsman, a planned 10 miler to a half marathon distance (21k) is in the works to herald the celebration of the Naliyagan Festival in June. The race will involve neighboring towns and NGOs so the number of registrants will be higher. 

This is probably one of those times when I want 3 of me, 1 to run the race, 1 to take photos, and the other to supervise.

Watch out for it!

Until then, see you on the road runners!

Photos at our fan page. Facebook: DOPMH Medics