Thursday, March 31, 2011

Formula 1: Red Bull Strikes First

Playing catch-up!
Round 1: No surprises there.

Red Bull strikes first. Vettel way ahead of the rest and yes the so-called 'flexi-wings' are still legal, so says the FIA.

Hard to catch up with these guys. What goes on inside that frontal lobe of Red Bull designer Adrian Newey has left Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes scratching their heads.

Melbourne last weekend seemed to be a continuation of last season's finale, which was also a continuation of the other season's finale. Sure McLaren had the pace but give the almighty Red Bulls a mighty challenge and the RB7's true pace will be revealed.

It does not help that a 1-second gap is worth 3 months of work and research so good luck catching up, Ferrari (read: Massa was so slow- Button).

Maybe it's not in the front wings after all. Mark Webber says, "We don't use petrol. We use Red Bull."

One way of getting heat into those tires.

Round 2, Malaysia. April 10th.