Sunday, April 10, 2011

Formula 1: Red Bull flies in Malaysia!

The RB7 in practice, Malaysia. (

What is it about the RB7 that seems to have baffled big teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes? 

2010 Champion Sebastian Vettel drove to an impressive victory of the season in the Malaysian Grand Prix. 2 in a row as the season starts! 

McLaren and Ferrari are left collecting scraps. 

The Adrian Newey-designed Formula 1 is incredibly ahead of its rivals no one knows exactly how fast they go. 

Not since the Schumacher-Ferrari era of 2000-2004 has fans seen an overt advantage in raw pace. 

While Schumacher had the power of Ferrari, today's Red Bull relies less on engine power but more on aerodynamics. 

Already there are talks of McLaren and Ferrari following suit in the wake of a 'flexi-wing' front end design of the RB7. 

Hurry up, guys. Before the season ends.