Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking a break

I am injured. Well, most likely.

I live on a hill where elevations are a common occurrence. I didn’t mind it at first since it helped me run a personal best.

But now, I probably have Achilles tendonitis from running a newfound pace and running uphills. The healing usually takes awhile owing to the fact that is has limited blood supply.

For the past month since I ran my best, I have noted some mild discomfort in my Achilles tendons which are worse when you wake up but gets better during the day. It is also debilitating during the first 20 minutes of a run.

Currently, it’s still the same. No improvement as of late. Time to lay off the poundage then.

But telling a runner that he needs time to rest is like telling yourself to lay off rice.

I am no novice to injuries though. In the middle of my training for my maiden marathon, I learned what an ITBS means. And then when I trained for my first ultra, I got to know shin splints as well.

But today, I will stay true to form. Rest is a weapon. Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne.

I have a dream marathon in July and my 18-week training starts soon. No compromise.

Motivation just got better!

Meanwhile, look what I borrowed from the library! These issues are months old but it more than beats buying.


  1. how many days do you need to rest doc? have a speedy recovery...

  2. @itsshawtime: If it takes 48 hours for the body to recover from a hard workout, how much more for a lingering injury? Boredom! ;D