Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sunset Run

About 20 pairs of legs strike through the treadmills and stairclimbers of the gym while a dozen or so cycle through the bike machine, their fixated eyes focused on the high definition display above. This I observed as I took my kids to their weekly swimming lessons in the nearby pool.

I used to workout in confined places such as this, my line of sight limited by muscular men (and women) pumping iron and dripping sweat all over the floor and my motivation for each visit as aberrant as my weight.

But now I have moved on. Over 2 years have passed since I seriously started "cold turkey" running. Just got up one day, tied my unused runners and headed out the door... and never looked back since then. 

Quakers Hill
I have not stepped on a treadmill ever since (save one time for a medical test). And I have no reason to again.

The outdoors have been my greatest motivation. Each laboured breath and climb has been rewarded by the ethereal afternoon display of the setting sun, its different colours and hues painting the boundless sky.

And so each day the road beckons. Hard to say no.


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