Tuesday, February 12, 2013


57 minutes at the 10k mark
In runner's lingo, a PB refers to "Personal Best" whether in a speedy 5k or in the grueling distance of the marathon. It is widely used in Commonwealth countries like the UK and Australia. In the US and elsewhere, it is referred to as a PR or "Personal Record".

The Iron-couple
And so on a clear Sunday morning a few weeks back with erstwhile running partner Erwin, we ran Race 4 of the monthly Sydney Marathon Clinic Half Marathon distance-- and scored a 2:06 PB. 

Mind you, it is not even the average time for our age group but nevertheless a PB is a PB when just a few months back we scored our best in Race 2 with a 2:14. I say, not bad at all!

For average Juan's like me, a sub-2 is an ambitious target. With a 5:42 pace it is most doable in the 10k, but double the distance and the tank gets dry faster than you can say PB. It is already an overwhelming achievement when just over 2 years ago, my first half marathon was an almost turtlish 3 hours!

Official time: 2:06
Still, I think we are on track. We ended the year with a bang and started one with a whoop!